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A co-op precision platformer · By GFM


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v2.1.1 - Fix jumping with NumpadEnter on the web build
Porting to web is **fun**... Yesterday, I got a bug report saying that Numpad's Enter doesn't use the item and pauses the game instead. After looking into the i...
1 file — v2.1.1
JJAT now runs in the browser!
Thanks to Emscripten and SDL2 being amazing tools, you may now play JJAT directly from your browser! All features (and bugs) were kept as is. The only real diff...
1 file
v2.0.0 - New mode and bugfixes
Changelog (abridged) Here are the changes that directly affects players: Reset vertical speed if OOB and bellow the screen Stop triggering screen transition if...
3 files — 2.0.0